The Full Release of Stereum 2.0 is on the horizon. The issues are (mostly) collected, the milestone set and you can now keep an eye on our GitHub. If you go into our project and click “milestones” you will find the “Full Release” milestone and the outstanding progress left until you can expect a full release of the 2.0 full version. There are plenty of issues to go especially on the staking page, as well as some additional work left for the client settings & extra functionalities we are working on. Highlight here probably the alert functions, that should keep you informed and let you know what your node is struggling with, but also succeeding at.  So, check out the page, if you want to follow along in real time.  You might be able to find some hidden alpha in there.  


With the version “2.0.0-rc.7” you are able to install and configure MEV-Boost directly with our One-Click installation. Next goal is to finish up the Custom Installation, so users that are already running a node can drop MEV Boost in the Edit Node page and add the relays they want to make use off.   

We also want to try out different paths to configure the MEV Boost component. With the progress made in the last few weeks, you can now also access the service by clicking on the MEV-Boost icon at the top. You can then select, modify and confirm the relay selection.


The current improvements we are making to our custom installation are also progressing nicely. When we are done, you can add / remove & even modify your clients.

A lot of our time also went into fixing a number of bugs and making it run as smoothly as possible. That doesn’t mean you can’t break your own node when experimenting with the custom installation, but it’s now in the development version already harder to do so. 


One of the changes that went a little bit unnoticed in the last few episodes: for a while you have been able to see which version of each service you are running in the client/service settings.


Also a big deal and probably will lead to some safed funds, is our upcoming slashing protection. This is our first step in preventing you from getting slashed, whenever you start doing something risky. So you really can’t go wrong using Stereum 2.0. in the future. Note that this feature is still a work in progress and not yet implemented.  Our plan so far is to implement the slashing database to be used in a first measure, and later add additional checks that will harden the feature.  

Mainly missing now before the slashing database import can go live, is an UI element to make this import optional & a way to select a path to download the slashing database to, when removing a key from a node.  


Of course we also fixed a lot of bugs in the last two weeks. For example a problem with Besu we ran in after a service update.


Now a topic for everyone who wants to contribute to Stereum. We are currently working out the translation process of the software and once we are done with the finalization of all the texts & descriptions inside of Stereum, we will open up the translation process to everyone and have a reward for each completed translation. 

Stay tune, though you can already reach out to us at: translate@stereum.net with the language you would like to translate for us. Thank you for helping us with bringing Stereum into your language.

Under the Surface – #019
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