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Stereum is a highly specialized provider for ethereum related services. The provided solutions range from our stereum ethereum node setup, over docker components and script suits to consulting and development of dedicated service solutions.



…was released in 2015 and is the biggest for decentralised finance and smart contracts platform worldwide.

…is the foundation for over 1900 cryptogurrencies and tokens, including for almost 50% of the top 100 existing cryptocurrencies.

excels Bitcoin in various aspects: Ethereum is for more performant, turing-complete computation & supports smart contracts and distributed apps and therefore can be used for far more applications than just a common cryptocurrency.

…has currently almost 100 million users.

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Ethereum 2

…is solving the main issues of existing cryptocurrenies:

    • Their energy consumption to mine through proof of stake instead of proof of work.
    • Their limitation to single transactions per second through sharing instead of centralization.

The consequences:

    • Ethereum 2 will need a fraction of the required energy and resources while maintaining its security and stability.
    • Ethereum 2 can execute more transactions per second than any other decentralized payment provider worldwide.

This opens up a broad range of possibilities, being the foundation for other systems and establishing a platform for new applications.

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On Staking

  • the key change in ethereum 2 is the change from mining to staking.

  • In difference to mining staking does not require vast amounts of energy and computation power, can therefore be done by individuals with the required IT infrastructure.

  • The expected return on investment by staking depends on the amount of stakers and exceeds every other investment form by far.

  • By staking yourself you are able to maximize your return

  • Stakers are valuable participants of the Ethereum network & get rewarded for acting reliable & truthful while keeping the network safe, up & running.

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