Stereum 2.0-rc2

A lot has changed in the last 2 weeks. We have our first  stable full release candidate of Stereum 2.0 out and can’t wait for the merge to go over smoothly. Currently it is expected to hit around the 15th of September. With us already merge ready, our main focus this time was to fix bugs and at the same time make everything more stable, convenient and safer in the UI 

First on the list today is that you can now easily browse for your SSH key location with Stereum. We also fixed a bug where nvme1n1 was displayed instead of the network speed. A small but important change was disabling all buttons after a single click until the action is reasonable to be initiated again by the user. Before the change this was leading to issues like race-conditions when double-clicking. 

A similar change to the previous one was disabling the confirm button in the Plug-In-Settings when no changes were made. This was done to avoid any misconception.  

An addition in the last two weeks was the new support center. To enter the support center, you need to click on the “Questionmark” button in the top right corner. In the the support center, you can either join our Discord channel or make a bug report directly on our Github page. Everything is prepared for you and all you need to do is describe the bug. By doing that you can also participate in our contribution program. More information about that can be found by following the link in the description. 

For all people wanting to use Contabo VPS or any other cloud-server provider: We have fixed a bug where Stereum wouldn’t install correctly when using Contabo. After Hetzner and AWS, Contabo VPS is our 3rd approved cloud option to run a node with Stereum 2.0. We have to say normally every cloud-provider should work, but should you run into any issue, please report them to use so we can take quick care of them.

One of safety mechanism joining us the last two weeks as well is that you cant important validator keys anymore while the setup is in progress. Before you could do that and it would result in an error.  

Coming to Quality-of-Life Improvement that finally addressed some annoyance a lot of people had. You can now log out of Stereum 2.0 without closing the entire application. Additional, if there is something installed, you will receive a message warning you not to close the application during critical tasks.

Of course we had some backend changes as well, for example loading a saved connection didn’t work when using a ssh key. This now solved and we also implemented a check if the user has the correct sudo permissions, before installing anything.  

Updates also need to be done here and there. Streum now fully supports you with its update manager. You can not only see which Stereum version you are currently using but also the latest version. As you can see an auto update function is already planned, and will soon be implemented to be changeable in the settings.  

4th Update & Upkeep Challenge

The 4# Update and Upkeep challenge is close to being over. The participation period ended and we want to send out a huge thank you to all participants, the eth staker team and The S-Tier POAPs are distributed. Please don’t forget to sign up for the raffle if you got one. We wish all holders good luck!  If you couldn’t enter the raffle, because of your performance  don’t get discouraged, there will be a lot of other ones in the future. So keep the good work going and we will hopefully see you in the next one. 

Under the Surface #015
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