New Beta Release

With our latest release we have finished a new milestone and with this, we created  merge-suitable version of Stereum 2.0. 

As soon as the merge hits, validators will be able to specify a fee recipient in their consensus client. To support the merge we have implemented that you can change the fee recipient for your whole node. 

So with this UI element you can change the Fee Recipient for all your keys on your node. When you click the button this field will pop up and by simple putting in an Ethereum address, you are able to change the fee recipient as easily as possible. 

Joining us in this release as well is the update manager, you can now access by clicking the Up Arrow button in the top bar. And first step for the broader Stereum application settings are joining as well. 

We have also fixed a funny looking bug, where the icons of the hover feature would interfere with the task manager’s details and another error handling when importing keys. On the one hand you can see if your keys are being imported or if something went wrong. Additionally we added a UI element that pops up to tell you if everything went well and that your keys are imported. 

We also adapted our SSV Network installation to the new SSV Network Sifu Testnet, delivering a new SSV Network dashboard with it. 

Of course we had some backend changes as well, for example we had to change the port of our last Stereum 2.0 version. It connected to the wrong port that was used up by another service. To avoid further errors and interferences we changed it. This is one of the things you usually don’t see, but which nevertheless obviously very important. 

And last but not least, we are preparing for the merge. We have started testing the software more and more and we are also happy to see some of you deciding to join us. As you already know we are developing an extraordinary amount of test for every kind of service, plugin and interaction we are implementing. We really want to make Stereum 2.0 as great as possible and security is a huge pillar to that.

Update & Upkeep Challenge

Today we wanted to present you some stats from this challenge and we also wanted to compare them to the last one.

Looking at the execution clients, there is not too much of a change.
Nimbus and Teku are becoming more popular here. Prysm has declined by 5%. Lighthouse is still the most popular consensus client in this challenge.
If you look at where you run your node, it's interesting to see that Baremetal has seen a huge increase. Cloud servers and plain servers saw a slight decrease.
Last but not least, the share of people using SOFTWARE ASSIT in running their noes.
Under the Surface #014
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