The Stereum team’s bi-weekly update #008 is here, and today’s post is about the first BETA version of Stereum 2.0 and how you can get a POAP by contributing to Stereum.

Stereum 2.0 BETA

Stereum Launcher Control Page
At our last team meeting the most pressing topic was our first beta. If you read this blogpost, the first beta version should already be released, however if you want to get involved in testing, it is sadly NOT public yet. This PRE-BETA version is mainly meant for internal testing and for the preparation of the upcoming tutorials and public release. The beta version will support a solo staking testnet setup with all 4 major clients – so as you already guessed, it won’t have the full scope of the complete feature set yet. Still, this is a big step for us, as this is our first real working version of Stereum 2.0. All outstanding services and many more additionally, will be integrated over time, many of which are already programmed but not yet tested or implemented from the backend. Wiring and testing is currently taking most of our time. Still we are really close to a first public-beta of Stereum 2.0., we can only ask you to have little more patience. More details about Stereum 2.0 can be found on our website or in our Discord Channel. Both links can be found in the description.

Stereum Contribution Programm

GitPOAP to earn in 2022

With the release of Stereum 2.0, you can earn a GitPOAP by contributing to our “Stereum 2.0 – Ethereum Node” – GitHub page. If you need help or have no idea and want to know where you could start, you can join our Stereum Discord and post a message in the testing channel under the contribution category. The POAPs you can earn are our on-chain way of determining if you’ve ever contributed to Stereum! You can expect some perks that come with them in the future! We hope this is just the first step in creating a reward system for passionate developers, designers, and translators who choose to work on Stereum. 

Community POAP - Under the Surface #008

Under the Surface - 008# - POAP

As we mentioned in the last post, there is now a POAP for every Under the Surface blogpost. We are happy that you like them so much. 

How to claim the POAP? 

1.) Click on the button

2.) Grab your phone/tablet and scan the QR code with the POAP App: 

3.) Solve the little quiz and mint your POAP. (If you have any questions – join our discord and we will help you.)

Under the Surface #008
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