Under the Surface 009#

Date: 13.06.2022
Under the Surface 009#

You can also watch the video here:

Stereum 2.0 Beta

The first beta of Stereum 2.0 has kept us busy for the last few weeks, among other things, we had to fix some minor issues with the integration of Teku, the wiring of the Staking Page, and some minor bugs with Ubuntu and Nimbus. 

Under the Surface 009#

We have of course already started testing the software and at least after having set up Stereum 1.0, I was positively  surprised how easy it was to set up and install Stereum 2.0. 

Of course our 1-Click-Installation made things pretty easy for me. In the next step we would like to finally finish implementing the features we talked about and the first one is BloxSSV. The completion of the implementation is supposed to be the core of the second beta milestone and when finished, the user should be able setup an SSV-Network operator and connect to Lighthouse, Nimbus, Prysm or Teku.

Under the Surface 009#

As you can see, we are already in the middle of the process and it certainly can't be long  before we are done with it as well.  

Special greetings from our new team member

Our newest member has given us the permission to show you some of the concept art for the server login loading screen we are currently working on. What is your favorite? You can chat with us about it on our Discord

Under the Surface 009#

Meet the Team feat. Baysa​

This format is about showing you who the people behind Stereum are. We are starting with our first joining team member Baysa. Among other things we asked him ''If you wouldn't do Stereum, what else would you do?'' and ''Shiba Inu or Dogecoin''. The interview is definitely worth a look.

Under the Surface 009#

You can find the whole interview in the YouTube episode (linked above). And of course a big thanks to Baysa for the great interview.

Stereum Gitcoin: GR14 has started​

The GitCoin Grant 14 is currently ongoing. It is the best way to min-max your support for the OpenSource Ecosystem. There are countless projects on the site you can support with small donations. Whatever you give will be matched by a quadratic funding mechanism. You could for example, visit our site and take a look where we are & where we are heading. Our team thanks everyone for their generosity.