4th Update & Upkeep Challenge



18th July – 31st July


1st August – 31st August


1st September – 9th September


10th September 2022


Dear 4th U&U Participants ❤️
– Solo Stakers & Node Runners –
as I write this the challenge is already over for a few days and so we want to take this opportunity and look back on the 4th iteration of this challenges. First of all thank you very much for participating in our 4th Update & Upkeep Challenge. We hope to see you join again for the 5th Challenge in Q4 2022 / Q1 2023!

While we already had the goal to improve the registration for this iteration, our current time is horrible occupied with the development of the SOON full release version of “Stereum 2.0”. From the way how we do the graphs from the evaluation of the validators to the composition of the prices – over time we hope to work out more and more kinks. 

While we love doing them, more funding would signal to us, that you as the participants also believe there is more unrealized potential. in these challenges. To help us realize some ideas, we opened up a grant on Gitcoin

If there is feedback you would like to voice to us, just write us on our Discord – either in the general or just to me (David) directly.  We are always excited to hear new ideas, improvements and especially concerns! 

Having said that, a relevant topic that came up and up again in this regard was that it can not be considered secure how we do the distribution of the POAPs. While I know that you are all savvy individuals, an impersonator can still potentially use the DM based distribution of the POAPs as an attack vector. While I am still a fan of the personal aspect to it, it is not worth the security risk. 

Anyway, we hope to finally work on the more improved registration for next time! 

Special thanks to the ETH Staker & LIDO for sponsoring and supporting this challenge.

Congratulations again to the winner of our raffle: 


An awesome staker, like many of you are. 
As already mentioned: Next Challenge Q4 2022 / Q1 2023; and as I wrote to some of you: don’t get discouraged. 

But to all of you, I hope you had fun!

We will see each other on the other side!


Let’s finish this up by showing you all stats collected with this challenge including the final distribution of POAPs and the final day’s dashboard!


Stats, Numbers and Charts

We will start this of by making clear, the following numbers are from a nodes perspective, not a validators and we will not disclose how many are on which node, however – this represent people’s independent operations, which is probably the only thing that truly matters!

Some thing you might have asked yourself: Did the Geth bug have a significant effect on the outcome of the challenge? 
Having analyzed the data with surface level analysis (a simple point calculation) there was no significant drop in performance of Geth user compared to the others. 

Final day dashboard

Again! Thank you very much for participating in our 4th Update & Upkeep Challenge. We hope to see you join again in Q4 2022 / Q1 2023 ❤️


We want to thank our sponsors and partners who make these challenges possible:

4# Update & Upkeep – Summary 
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