3rd Update & Upkeep Challenge



14.2 – 28.2.2022 


1.3. – 31.3.2022 


1.4. – 3.4.2022 




Hey solo stakers & node runners – future or past partcipant – you who keeps the network healthy! 

I hope you had wonderful and well performing month. As I write this the challenge should be over and so we want to take this opportunity and look back on the third iteration of this challenges. 

First of all lets talk some changes we implented with the last one and discuss a little were we want like to improve it going forward.

Since the last challenge, we use the bot to take the questionaire. Before we used Google Forms. This had some obvious advantages: easy, convenient and can be done by everyone with a Google account in less than 5 minutes. POAP hungry this lead to some registration of non-eligible participant, which before couldn’t be identified. With the now method, using our selfmade Discord Bot we are glad to report, that a all cheaters have been elimanted from the competition & cheating attempts completly stopped. However, we know this process can be improved dramatically. 

From the way how we do the graphs from the evalutation of the validators to the composition of the prices. Over time we hope to work out more and more kinks.  If there is something you would like to voice this us, just write us on our Discord. We have special challenge for our participants where you can voice your feedback! 

Having said that, a relevant topic that came up and up again in this regard was that it is currently not considered absolutely secure how we do the distribution of the pages. While I know that you are all savy individuals, an impersonator could potentially use the DM based distribution of the POAPs as an attack vector. While I love the small converations I get to have with some of you – collecting stories, that I later used to be creative in a dramatic retelling – it is not worth risking your security for! 

Anyway, expect a more improved registration for next time! Special thanks to CryptoWiener, ETH Staker Community, & LIDO for sponsoring and supporting this challenge.

As I wrote to most to you, I hope you don’t get discouraged. 
To all of you, I hope you had fun!

We will back when the merge hits, with a special edition – 4 the Merge!
Enjoy the next segments!

Stats, Numbers and Charts
Update & Upkeep Challenge Graph

We will start this of by making clear, the following numbers are from a nodes perspective, not a validators and we will not disclose how many are on which node, however, this represent people running their own operations!

Update & Upkeep Challenge Graph
Update & Upkeep Challenge Graph
Update & Upkeep Challenge Graph
Update & Upkeep Challenge Graph
Update & Upkeep Challenge Graph
Update & Upkeep Challenge Graph

Stories from Peer to Peer

This is a over-dramatisation – a little fun I had! Please don’t take me seriously! I am serious! Just light-hearted fun

Over the last month, having followed you all closely (yes I am indeed behind you right now), I can amused say despite uncertain distance between us all, we are all confronted with similiar question: 

Where does Ethereum lead to? Where does it all go?
Is the internet waterproof?
Can you sue a internet provider for lost opportunity?
How many of your firstborn children would you need to promise the [I]nternet [S]ometimes [P]roviders to come down from their benevolent oligpoly to solve the problems of the dependent plebs?
Am I being watched? 

What is this you might ask?

The Pillory of 96# 
In all fairness. You are a great sport soaking all the banter. 96# we misjudged you, but nevertheless not the greatest performance – next time, and I know you will from chatting with you, show us what you can do! 

The Grand Conspiracy

 The victim of the Grand Conspiracy, collateral to world politics and haunted by paranoia of what could lead to such weird lapses in performance. If they were after you, all that we can say: nice try at obscurity, department of homeland security!
Gladly after an investigation it just turned out to be a miniscule obstacle to perfect participation – a hardware failure, how cruel. 107# – we wish you good luck next time!

The ISP is not with me 

The most common occurrence by far, stopping most of you this month from becoming a winner – the ISPs, who true to their name, acted like  intentionally slobby people providing only when they choose to do so. 
140# sent us some photos. Even construction work was necessary. After month they finally came down from Mount Olympus. For the next challenge, coming with the merge, 140# is certainly ready. 

There is just one more thing left to do: 


Special thanks to your image provider - you know who you are <3

And gratulation to the WINNER: 

I hope you enjoy your prices!


The Only Space

NFT by Alevtina Lyapunova



We want to thank our sponsors and partners who make these challenges possible:

3# Update & Upkeep – Summary
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