ethereum node cli installer

Setup an Ethereum 2.0 node by running a single command on your server’s command line. After finishing the installation the following services are available to you:

  • Geth (Ethereum 1 node – optional)
  • Beacon
  • Validator
  • Prometheus (collecting metrics – optional)
  • Grafana (visualizing metrics & notifications – optional)


  • 4 (v)CPU cores/threads
  • 8 gb Memory
  • 150 gb Storage + 600 gb for Eth1 node (optional)
  • Broadband internet connectivity
  • Ubuntu 18.04 LTS or later (20.04 LTS recommended!)
  • Patience to get synced with the chain


  • Simple setup
  • Variety of supported clients (lighthouse, lodestar, nimbus, prysm, teku)
  • Easy to use your own Eth1 node (geth) or use external services (e. g. Infura)
  • Active development team
  • Open Source (MIT licensed)
  • Minimal linux skills needed
  • No information will be shared at any time with any third party

How to install

Run a simple command on your Ubuntu server:

deploy@eth2-node-z:~$ sudo curl -s | sudo bash

How to configure

After installing your node use a single command to access the control center to see a list of ports, import validator keys, etc.

deploy@eth2-node-z:~$ stereum-control-center-cli


To import your validator keys generated by start the stereum-control-center-cli and choose “import-wallet”.

First you need to enter the folder in which those keys are stored. Please enter the exact folder, subfolders won’t be scanned for validator keys. If you haven’t done already upload the keys (e. g. to /tmp).

Second the importer asks about the password to be able to decrypt your validator keys and import them.

After entering the information the import process begins. It takes a bit of time, node’s services will be stopped and started again after the import is done.

Monitoring & Notifications

To gain access to Grafana simply create an ssh tunnel to port 3000.

SSH command

ssh -L 3000: user@your-node-ip
Prysm UI
ssh -L 7500: user@your-node-ip


After opening the ssh tunnel enter http://localhost:3000 in your browser and access Grafana with username “admin” and password “admin”.


Keep track of updates by joining our Discord server or follow us on Twitter. We also notify about updates on Reddit.

Open your stereum-control-center-cli and select “update” from the menu. Then enter the version you want to update to. The update process can take some time, all services will be stopped and after updating is done started again.

Unattended automized updates (experimental)

When enabling unatteded automized updates the node will look for updates and install them without any action of a human. This process doesn’t make checking up on a node unnecessary, please always keep an eye on your monitoring of your node!

This feature can be enabled by selecting “unattended-update” and follow the steps to enable it. There are 2 lanes to receive updates from, “stable” is highly recommended! The lane “rc” can break your setup by installing faulty updates which are sometimes not well tested.

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