Release notes eth2.installer beta-3

New Features

  • Prater testnet
    • Connect your nodes installed with eth2.installer to the new testnet called Prater. All clients are able to connect to this new testnet.
  • Teku no-geth setup
    • No need to run your own geth anymore. Select the “no-geth” setup for Teku instead and connect to an external Ethereum 1 node like
  • Lighthouse automated portable binary selection
    • When running on older CPUs eth2.installer will automatically select the portable binary which is compatible for older CPUs. If it’s running on a recent CPU then the non-portable version is selected to ensure maximum performance.
  • Voluntary exit of validator(s)
    • Exit a validator voluntarily and therefore stop staking with it without incurring penalties.
    • Supported clients:
      • Lighthouse
      • Prysm


  • Various service bugfixes through service updates, please review the release notes of the updated services for further information

Service updates

  • Geth to 1.10.2
  • Lighthouse to 1.2.2
  • Lodestar to 0.19.0
  • Nimbus to 1.1.0
  • Prysm to 1.3.6

How to update?

Enter your control-center-cli by running

# stereum-control-center-cli

Then select “update” and enter beta-3 to update.

If any issues pop up during update we are looking forward to support you on Discord as always!

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Release notes eth2.installer beta-3
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