Release notes eth2.installer beta-2

New features

  • Graffiti configurable for all clients.
  • API binding address configurable. It’s now possible to bind the APIs for connecting to geth and beacons to a different address than localhost ( This allows you to use the client’s api with your own application (bots, block explorers, …).
  • Geth can now be pruned on demand. This frees up some disk space when geth runs over some time and its database get’s clogged up.
  • Multiclient setup now supports importing of wallet to stake.
  • New setup “allbeacons” to run all 5 supported clients without validators.


  • Stereum’s control center cli now shows correct version.
  • Lighthouse is working now with external Ethereum 1 node correctly (e. g.
  • Minor prettifying Stereum’s control center cli.

Service updates

  • Graffana to 7.3.10
  • Lodestar to 0.17.0
  • Nimbus to 1.0.12
  • Prysm to 1.3.4
  • Teku to 21.3.2

How to update?

Enter your control-center-cli by running

# stereum-control-center-cli

Then select “update” and enter beta-2 to update.

If any issues pop up during update we are looking forward to support you on Discord as always!

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Release notes eth2.installer beta-2
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