Pyrmont’s liftoff difficulties explained

Pyrmont is the new testnet for Ethereum 2.0, successor of Medalla which started at 4th August this year. And it’s having some troubles to find consensus. The genesis event went smooth on the 18th November, all 4 participating clients went live:

But there is an issue with the voting on which block of the Ethereum 1 chain to include in the beacon chain: This is necessary to introduce new validators to the beacon chain, because new validators get included only by deposits on the Ethereum 1 chain. Some clients’ voting mechanism on what Ethereum 1 block to include in the beacon chain’s slot isn’t working properly, sometimes even including blocks that aren’t on the Ethereum 1 chain at all.

Take a read on this great deep-dive into Ethereum 1 block selection on the beacon chain:

There is also a python script to get the votes of a beacon chain block:

Pyrmont’s liftoff difficulties explained
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