ethereum node setup

A free, easy to use tool to install an Ethereum node, using the client of your choice, all in one place.
Just point the launcher at your Ubuntu / Cent OS server, choose your loadout & let the STEREUM ETHEREUM NODE SETUP do the rest.
Our efforts focus on helping to decentralize the Ethereum network even further by lessening the technical entry barrier for the average person to stake with their own machine using his their own coins! 


All of our work is open source, you can check out how we developed the Stereum Setup here.

The launcher will connect to the server you have set up, prepare it for installation and start the installation wizard. If a node is already installed the control center will open!


Windows 10


MacOS Intel


MacOS Apple Silicon


  • 2 (v)CPU cores/threads
  • 4 gb Memory
  • 100 gb Storage + 600 gb for Eth1 node (optional)
  • Broadband internet connectivity
  • OS
  • Sudo user (NOPASSWD:ALL option for sudo)
  • Patience to get synced with the chain


  • Simple setup
  • Variety of supported clients (Lighthouse, Lodestar, Nimbus, Prysm, Teku)
  • Easy to use your own Eth1 node (Geth) and/or use external services (e. g. Infura) as fallback
  • Fast sync option for all clients
    (setup to full sync in 30 minutes or even less)
  • Active development team
  • Open Source (MIT licensed)
  • Minimal Linux skills needed
  • No information will be shared at any time with any third party, we don’t collect any data!

Connect to your node easily using the launcher. The connection is going to be encrypted, as all ssh connections are and protected by a password or – for extra security – ssh key.

The launcher also checks for new versions and asks what version to use, with the recommended version already pre-selected for you.

Task Viewer

We know that the space, despite the communities best efforts is riddled with scams, snake oil sellers & rug pulls. To combat this our installer makes it possible for you to trace what tasks the setup is working on in the background and what changes it’s implementing to make the configuration process as transparent as possible. 

Guided Setup

A wizard designed to create an easy and convenient way to install the Stereum Ethereum Node Setup will guide through the process. No need to mess with command lines, just point the launcher to an Ubuntu 20.04 server of your choice!

Control Center GUI

Same as the wizard the control center is utilizing your launcher to show various status, access Grafana or Prysm-UI for monitoring and gives you the ability to control an Ethereum node always at your finger tips.


Upgrade from CLI based stereum-control-center-cli

To use the Control Center GUI with the stereum-cli-installer simply update to the latest version with stereum-control-center-cli and run the launcher pointing to the node. The launcher will detect the installed stereum-node and install the Control Center GUI automatically.

If you are looking for the page containing the CLI based installer: 

Notes for Ubuntu User

Recommended version: Ubuntu 20.04 LTS

Either connect with user root or add the user to sudoers with allpasswd option (no password prompt on sudo commands) like this:

# run this command to edit the sudoer file:

# add this to the file and replace the username "lyida" with your username and save

Make sure to install necessary python packages. The installer will fail without these. You can do this by running the following command:

sudo apt update && sudo apt install -y pip

Note for CentOS User

CentOS 8: Make sure, you have Python 3.8 installed and not Python 3.6. You can do this by using the command:

yum install -y python38 tar && yum remove -y python36

CentOS 7: You have to manually install Python 3.8 and link version 3.8 as python.

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