Ethereum Node Setup 1.7

Full version tag: 1.7-178

We are doing an audit with our friends at sba-research and are back to deliver exciting new features with the next release!


Please update your stereum-launcher, the new version includes important security fixes!

We also got an experimental build for linux going, check it out at the download page.


  • Version switch (portable version) of Lighthouse works correctly again. Thanks pepawel!
  • Graffiti with Lighthouse doesn’t include double quotes anymore. Thanks pepawel!
  • Lots of security fixes. Thanks sba-research!

Service updates

  • Prysm to 2.0.0-rc.2 on Prater testnet
  • Blox SSV to 0.0.20 on Prater testnet
Ethereum Node Setup 1.7
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