Ethereum Node Setup 1.4

Known Issues

Lodestar support is currently limited. We are working on restoring all functionalities for users with lodestar.

Stereum Launcher

New release with minor improvements of Stereum Launcher, update at your convenience:

  • Remove unnecessary error messages about reconnects to node.
  • Minor visual improvements.
  • Version selection is now hidden and suggested version is displayed.


  • Support for CentOS 7 and 8, make sure to read our install notes for CentOS!
  • Informational text on install with Stereum Launcher.
  • Requirement checks on install. The installer will warn when certain requirements are not matched:
    • OS
    • CPUs
    • Memory
    • Storage
    • Requirements are different with each setup and customization


  • Fix error on validator list when no validators available on Prysm.
  • JavaScript error regarding unknown property on validator list fixed.
  • Fixing failed initial installation when curl is available.
  • Installing time sync service if not already installed.
  • Various service bugfixes through service updates, please review the release notes of the updated services for further information.
  • Fixing Teku’s memory limit settings.

Service updates

  • Geth to 1.10.8
  • Lighthouse to 1.5.0


Stereum Ethereum Node Setup is withdrawing support for testnet Pyrmont from now on, this means it’s not possible anymore to install it. Updates will be available but not tested properly even for regular releases. Pyrmont get’s abandoned soon.

How to update?

Use the launcher to update or enter your control-center-cli by running

# stereum-control-center-cli

Then select “update” and enter 1.4-153 to update.

If any issues pop up during update we are looking forward to support you on Discord as always!

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Ethereum Node Setup 1.4
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