Ethereum Node Setup 1.1


Please update the launcher by downloading the new version on

New Features

  • Stereum-Launcher remembers connections (password won’t get stored).
  • List of validator keys now available for all clients.
  • Geth version is now London ready for mainnet.



  • Correct visualization of failed/successful changes.
  • Display functional services only.
  • Error message on wrong password for valiator import.


  • Issue with Prysm’s p2p-denylist resolved.
  • Issue with Prysm validator key import resolved.
  • Issue with special characters of password for importing validator keys resolved ethereum2-ansible#135.
  • Starting services again after failed validator import.
  • Issue with installing when different docker already installed resolved ethereum-setup#4 & ethereum2-ansible#133.
  • Issue when updating to the same version with lighthouse and portable ethereum2-ansible#137.

Service updates

  • Geth to 1.10.5
  • Nimbus to 1.4.1

Known Issues

How to update?

Use the launcher to update or enter your control-center-cli by running

# stereum-control-center-cli

Then select “update” and enter 1.1-122 to update.

If any issues pop up during update we are looking forward to support you on Discord as always!

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Ethereum Node Setup 1.1
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