Ethereum Node Setup 1.0

Mycelium – Launcher

Use the Mycelium Launcher to connect to your server and setup and control your node within a single app.


Web Setup & Control-Center

  • Custom port defined via --port works now correctly.
  • Custom user defined via --user works now correctly.
  • Fixing progress bar of installation wizard.
  • Move buttons on the list of Ethereum 1 node URLs are now disabled when first (action: moving up) and last (action: moving down) in the list.
  • Debug notification for every data read removed.
  • Progress bars in Control-Center now show correct value.
  • Fixing text typos.
  • Same behaviour of all links in the Control-Center.
  • Showing current version of Stereum Ethereum Node Setup on Update page.
  • Fixing white page after connect in some rare cases.
  • Correct error message on failed import caused by wrong password.


  • Fixing multiple imports of different validator accounts with Prysm.
  • Using Prysm’s pre-defined private network list to block local area network scans #207.
  • Various service bugfixes through service updates, please review the release notes of the updated services for further information.
  • Fixing Teku validator key import (failed in some cases).
  • Disabling incoming requests limit to SSH port, fixes issues with launchers (cli & web).
  • Fixing Lodestar validator key import (failed in some cases).

Service updates

  • Lodestar to 0.25.1
  • Nimbus to 1.4.0
  • Teku to 21.6.1

How to update?

Use the launcher to update or enter your control-center-cli by running

# stereum-control-center-cli

Then select “update” and enter 1.0-115 to update.

If any issues pop up during update we are looking forward to support you on Discord as always!

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Ethereum Node Setup 1.0
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