Docker images security scans & guided installer & funding

Scan Reports

Our team from built an automatic security scan of all major Ethereum 2.0 clients’ docker images and publishes fresh information every night on a designated website:

Every image has vulnerabilities – this is not always a problem and some of them are not even fixable.

A green checkmark means that there are only unfixable vulnerabilities found. We hope to make it easier for you to choose a client when running with docker. We also highly recommend to only use officially published docker images or build from official sources!

Guided beacon node installer

Furthermore we are going to release a CLI guided installer for beacon chain clients. The UI installer will follow shortly after the CLI installer. This installer will download and install all necessary packages, images and scripts from trusted sources as well as providing a control center making it convenient to maintain and configure a node on the fly without hassling with config files and service parameters.

The following images are from our already working scripts. Please keep in mind that this is still work-in-progress!


Last but not least we are proud to announce: We got funded by the Ethereum Foundation! However, not all of our open source efforts are covered and therefore we opened up a grant which we hope will secure further development:

Docker images security scans & guided installer & funding
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