We believe in the decentralization and liberation aspect of cryptocurrency.

That is why the goal of our “Stereum” project is to help the average person to take their financial future in their own hands and simultaneously grow the space for everyone. 
We firmly believe that DeFi & Ethereum is the future of finance and to facilitate our FREE service, that everyone, no matter their technical background, should be able to use, we are constantly working on new features and answer feedback requests. 
But because we can’t get there alone (and frankly because we like the enthusiasm a lot of you show and pass onto us), we are dependent on contributions of our users – no matter how small, monetary or just feedback regarding our OpenSource Code. 

With a donation you can help us build new features and keep our servers for testnet running. So if you like our work, consider visiting us at:

Our team thanks you for every contribution!


To give you an idea what the features are we currently working on, we are happy to give you an insight into our development roadmap for the upcoming months. This Roadmap is constantly updated and only shows features we didn’t yet include!
If there is something you personally think should be on here or is a feature you miss with our Setup, check out our Discord and chat with our team! 



-) Create a Mobile App that allows you to check status of server including information about the services running & notifies about updates
-) Receive Grafana notifications on the app
-) Develop and build up a backend on the Stereum-Server to send out information and receive them on the mobile app.
-) Encrypt and make the information unreadable for the backend
-) Make it possible to bundle and show multiple owned servers on the app


-) Make it available to the user to import & export his configuration, with plans for it to include the Slashing-Database and Validator-Accounts – alerting the user with UI elements of possible consequences


-) Provide install packages for all major GNU/Linux distributions supporting all features of the Windows and macOS installers.


-) Make installable
-) Make it bindable to a public IP

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