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Stereum Contribution 2022

GitPOAP to earn in 2022


Support our developments efforts and show your involvement off On-Chain with a GitPOAP

How to get involved? 
With the Stereum 2.0 release you will be able to earn a GitPOAP by contributing to our “Stereum 2.0 – Ethereum Node” – GitHub page. If you need help or have no idea & want to know where you could start, join the Stereum Discord and write a message into the ◊│testing text channel under the contribution category. 

Already published an issue? 
Then head on over to and connect your Ethereum & GitHub accounts in the top right.
Once you’re connected, the backend checks if you’re eligible for a Stereum Contribution GitPOAP.
If you are, you’ll be able to mint them by clicking “View & Mint”.

Quick tip: if ‘Mint’ is greyed out for claiming a GitPOAP, make sure your Ethereum account is connected.

Benefits of POAP holders
The POAPs, you are able to earn, is our on-chain way to determine if you ever have contributed to Stereum! Expect some perks coming with them! We hope this will only be the first step to create a reward system for passionate developers, designers and translators that decide to work on Stereum.  

GitPOAPs to claim:
GitPOAP to earn in 2022

Stereum Contribution 2022