Under the Surface #012 Stereum 2.0 Tweaks In the last 2 weeks we have fixed, changed and added a lot of stuff to Stereum. A major focus was the task manager which we have now extended. With a click you can expand and copy detailed informations for any task. We also fixed a small bug in the backend […]

Under the Surface #011 Stereum 2.0 – Updates With our current version of Stereum 2.0 it is possible in just a few clicks to set up a node and stake with it in the testnet, it is also already possible to set up an SSV network operator and connect it to Teku, Nimbus, Lighthouse and Prsym.   Latest Beta […]

Under the Surface #010 ❗❗❗ Update Stereum 1 ❗❗❗ For all our Stereum 1 users: The Gray Glacier network upgrade changes the parameter of the Ice Age/Difficulty Bomb, pushing it back by 700,000 blocks, or roughly 100 days. No other changes are introduced. … If you are using an Ethereum client that is not updated to the latest […]

Under the Surface #009 Stereum 2.0 Beta The first beta of Stereum 2.0 has kept us busy for the last few weeks, among other things we had to fix some minor issues with the integration of Teku, the wiring of the Staking Page and some minor bugs with Ubuntu and Nimbus.  We have of course already started testing the software and at least after having set up Stereum 1.0, I […]

Under the Surface #008

The Stereum team’s bi-weekly update #008 is here, and today’s post is about the first BETA version of Stereum 2.0 and how you can get a POAP by contributing to Stereum. Stereum 2.0 BETA At our last team meeting the most pressing topic was our first beta. If you read this blogpost, the first beta […]

Under the Surface #007 The Stereum team’s bi-weekly update #007 is here and today’s post is about the current state of Stereum 2.0 and whether you will see us at Devcon in Bogota. Stereum 2.0 – Current State Stereum 2.0 is getting closer and closer to the first public version. This week we finally implemented one of the last core features […]

Under the Surface #006 The #006 biweekly update of the Stereum team and todays post is all about the DEVCONNECT and where you can find us! Monday – 18.4 On Monday you can find most of us at the ETH Day. An event meant for all the curious minds, technically inclined and generally interested people.  We will spend the whole day […]

3# Update & Upkeep – Summary

SUMMARY OF THE 3rd Update & Upkeep Challenge SCHEDULE REGISTRATION PERIOD  14.2 – 28.2.2022  PARTICIPATION PERIOD  1.3. – 31.3.2022  PERFORMANCE EVALUATION  1.4. – 3.4.2022  WINNER RAFFLE  10.4.2022  S-TIER POAP B-TIER POAP A-TIER POAP C-TIER POAP Hey solo stakers & node runners – future or past partcipant – you who keeps the network healthy!  I hope […]

Under the Surface #005 The #005 biweekly update of the Stereum team, another two weeks behind us. Today’s hot topics are the finalization of the first versions of Stereum 2.0 and our preparations for the DevConnect. Finalization of Stereum 2.0 The finalization of a first version of Stereum 2.0 was the biggest topic at our last team meeting, our […]

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