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Ethereum Node Setup 1.1-124

This is a necessary hotfix update for London fork on Ethereum. Service updates Geth to 1.10.6 Lodestar to 0.27.0 Prysm to 1.4.2 How to update? Use the launcher to update or enter your control-center-cli by running # stereum-control-center-cli Then select “update” and enter 1.1-124 to update. If any issues pop up during update we are […]

Ethereum Node Setup 1.1

Launcher Please update the launcher by downloading the new version on https://stereum.net/ethereum-node-setup/ New Features Stereum-Launcher remembers connections (password won’t get stored). List of validator keys now available for all clients. Geth version is now London ready for mainnet. Bugfixes UI Correct visualization of failed/successful changes. Display functional services only. Error message on wrong password for […]

Ethereum Node Setup 1.0

Mycelium – Launcher Use the Mycelium Launcher to connect to your server and setup and control your node within a single app. Bugfixes Web Setup & Control-Center Custom port defined via –port works now correctly. Custom user defined via –user works now correctly. Fixing progress bar of installation wizard. Move buttons on the list of […]

Ethereum Node Setup beta-8 Mycelium

Mycelium – Web Setup & Control Center A full web based setup and control center to easily install and maintain an Ethereum node. Take a look at the latest feature! Bugfixes Fixing issue with importing validator accounts. Fixing issue with updating Stereum Ethereum Node Setup and losing Prysm’s wallet password. Various service bugfixes through service […]

Ethereum Node Setup beta-7

Known Issues There is a bug when using stereum-control-center-cli to update, please see https://github.com/stereum-dev/ethereum2-docker-compose/issues/218 and either use the solution mentioned there (deleting prysm wallet and reimport again) or save your autogenerated password and reapply it after password. When updating using stereum-control-center-cli please run the following command beforehand:sudo echo $’\n\n# BEGIN ANSIBLE MANAGED BLOCK\n[stereumnodes]\nlocalhost ansible_connection=local\n# END […]

Ethereum Node Setup beta-6

New Features Client distribution dashboard (nimbus only) A new dashboard comes with the nimbus client setup, it’s goal is to show the connected clients over time. Remove of specific validator key This allows you to remove a specific validator key without removing other keys. Supported setups: Lighthouse Lodestar Nimbus Prysm Teku Unsupported setups: Multiclient (dirk […]

Ethereum Node Setup beta-5

New Features Basic OS security Using ufw to protect host on Ubuntu. Monitoring dashboard updates Updating Grafana dashboards for nimbus, lodestar, teku. Bugfixes Issue with unatteded update stopping containers but not starting them again in some cases is resolved. Issue with update prozess doesn’t update at all in some cases is resolved. Lighthouse validator metrics […]

Release notes eth2.installer beta-4

New Features Hardware monitoring All client setups include a new dashboard which monitors hardware metrics (cpu, memory, disk, …) if grafana is used. Voluntary exit of validator(s) Exit a validator voluntarily and therefore stop staking with it without incurring penalties. Supported clients: Nimbus Lighthouse (already enabled at beta-3) Prysm (already enabled at beta-3) Teku Lodestar […]

Release notes eth2.installer beta-3

New Features Prater testnet Connect your nodes installed with eth2.installer to the new testnet called Prater. All clients are able to connect to this new testnet. Teku no-geth setup No need to run your own geth anymore. Select the “no-geth” setup for Teku instead and connect to an external Ethereum 1 node like infura.io. Lighthouse […]

Release notes eth2.installer beta-2

New features Graffiti configurable for all clients. API binding address configurable. It’s now possible to bind the APIs for connecting to geth and beacons to a different address than localhost ( This allows you to use the client’s api with your own application (bots, block explorers, …). Geth can now be pruned on demand. This […]

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