3# Update & Upkeep – Summary

SUMMARY OF THE 3rd Update & Upkeep Challenge SCHEDULE REGISTRATION PERIOD  14.2 – 28.2.2022  PARTICIPATION PERIOD  1.3. – 31.3.2022  PERFORMANCE EVALUATION  1.4. – 3.4.2022  WINNER RAFFLE  10.4.2022  S-TIER POAP B-TIER POAP A-TIER POAP C-TIER POAP Hey solo stakers & node runners – future or past partcipant – you who keeps the network healthy!  I hope […]

Stereum Node Setup Security Audit 2021

Thanks to the helpful guys at sba-research we found some important security vulnerabilities and we are happy to say: We fixed most issues above severity low already with the releases 1.7 and 1.8! Please download the full report of the security audit in PDF format to review the findings. The reported issues in the corresponding […]

Pyrmont’s liftoff difficulties explained

Pyrmont is the new testnet for Ethereum 2.0, successor of Medalla which started at 4th August this year. And it’s having some troubles to find consensus. The genesis event went smooth on the 18th November, all 4 participating clients went live: Lighthouse Nimbus Prysm Teku But there is an issue with the voting on which […]

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