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Under the Surface – #021

https://youtu.be/K1FkwdR_UKc RC.8 Release Slashing Protection DB download when removing and upload when importing keys  Name your validator accounts and give them aliases instead of a bulky hash  Internationalization bringing new languages  Switch Network (experimental) to first try your setup on testnet, later migrate with same config to mainnet  Widgets on Control page support multiple services […]

Under the Surface – #020

https://youtu.be/6ZL10L3IuiQ Contribution Program With our Custom GitPOAPs being now officially enabled, our contribution program is now finally entering its next phase. OpenSource lives of small contributions. We know your time & input is valuable and your contribution should be worth a reward – so as a start, for your help you can earn multiple exclusive GitPOAPs! To earn […]

Under the Surface – #019

https://youtu.be/qg_DQToZ6nQ FULL RELEASE COUNTDOWN The Full Release of Stereum 2.0 is on the horizon. The issues are (mostly) collected, the milestone set and you can now keep an eye on our GitHub. If you go into our project and click “milestones” you will find the “Full Release” milestone and the outstanding progress left until you […]

Under the Surface #018

https://youtu.be/qnNg-g0usf8 Stereum 2.0 Beta Updates Stereum 2.0 with MEV-Boost installed With our latest release it is now possible to install MEV-Boost with our Stereum Launcher.  It is an experimental feature, meaning we don’t recommend inexperienced users to try this as you can easily break or corrupt your database, but if you are willing and pose […]

Under the Surface #017

Stereum 2.0 Beta Updates Lets jump right into the bugfixes. The first problem today occurred when updating only one service, the update would run fine, but the service wouldn’t restart automatically.  Another bugfix of the last two weeks was that you couldn’t change the memory usage then using teku as a service. Of course that […]

Under the Surface #016

https://youtu.be/YA8ssSXvtKI Stereum 2.0 The merge is done and we are really excited that everything went over smoothly. If you are interested about the merge and what it means for you, you can learn more about it in our latest video:  https://youtu.be/Lm_h7EjBLUw Beside the merge of course a lot of other stuff happened in the last […]

Under the Surface #015

Stereum 2.0-rc2 A lot has changed in the last 2 weeks. We have our first  stable full release candidate of Stereum 2.0 out and can’t wait for the merge to go over smoothly. Currently it is expected to hit around the 15th of September. With us already merge ready, our main focus this time was […]

Under the Surface #014

New Beta Release With our latest release we have finished a new milestone and with this, we created  merge-suitable version of Stereum 2.0.  As soon as the merge hits, validators will be able to specify a fee recipient in their consensus client. To support the merge we have implemented that you can change the fee […]

Under the Surface #013

https://youtu.be/8NSHPXqIlSE Stereum 2.0 Beta With this milestone the focus is on the usability of the software and the support of use cases, more specifically we wanted to make it possible for everyone to solo-stake and to put an SSV network operator into operation in the testnet. However, this release has brought much more than just […]

Under the Surface #012

https://youtu.be/P4w9DNYxhWM Stereum 2.0 Tweaks In the last 2 weeks we have fixed, changed and added a lot of stuff to Stereum. A major focus was the task manager which we have now extended. With a click you can expand and copy detailed informations for any task. We also fixed a small bug in the backend […]

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